SOLOMON, An Original Band (Nostalgia)

Lenny Solomon. -Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocals, Mouth Harp, Songwriter , Dennis Gurgul - Drums, Percussion, Good Vibes
Bill Gibbs
- Lead Guitar, Mandolin, Lap Steel, Banjo, Harmony Vocals, & Congenial Conversation, Don Barry - Bass, Harmony Vocals, & Personality

Lenny, circa 1955 and at the Idler Coffeehouse, Cambridge MA 1973.
The Idler was a favorite performing spot for such folk luminaries as Geoff Bartley, Paul Rishell,
Spider John Koerner, and Ric Ocasek & Ben Orr, later of The Cars.
Lenny played there as a regular for about eight years.

Lenny performing at The Idler Coffeehouse in 1972

Review in the February 4, 1974 issue of the University of Massachusetts
student newspaper of Lenny's performance at the Idler.

A Rant: Letter to the Editor Lenny sent to the Boston Phoenix
in 1971 complaining about a well known reviewer on its staff.

Idler Schedule for August 1976  ... Idler Schedule for November 1976

Idler Schedule for March 1977

In the mid-1970s, Lenny opened several shows for
Carolyn Hester, back then a nationally recognized folksinger.
She is still a lot prettier than Lenny.

Dennis In His Prime

Lenny's Parent's Stories

Lillian Solomon's 50th Anniversary Speech

Lenny's Cousin Rose's Story Part 1

Lenny's Cousin Rose's Story Part 2

1920 NY Census - Tobias Weingart

1910 NY Census - Tobias Weingart

1910 NY Census - Hyman Solomon

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