Recordings of the current band coming soon. The current players are Lenny Solomon-lead vocals/guitar; Gary Kemp-acoustic lead guitar; Don Barry-bass; Suzen Joyce Perry-harmony vocals, and Mike Forney-Fiddle/mandolin/Dobro/banjo.


These songs were recorded at a band rehearsal in January 2017. All songs written by L. Solomon and protected by copyright laws. That was the lineup until the summer of 2018. The players include Lenny Solomon-lead vocals/guitar; Andy Hollinger-lead guitar/harmony vocals; Don Barry-bass; and Jonathan Williams-drums.

Rockabilly Kid
The Far Side
Fashion Plate
Nashville Star
Dance With My Lady

Over 40 songs are posted to:

Lenny Solomon on Soundcloud

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Under My Hat
Maybe Today
Not Life Threatening
Armando's Pie


To purchase physical CDs email lenny_AT_solomonband.com


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Lenny Solomon on Soundcloud



"Not Life Threatening" (2002)

Sample Songs:
Fishin' (c)2001 L.Solomon
Lilac Night (c)1997 L.Solomon

"Armando's Pie" (2004)

Sample Songs:
Five More Minutes (c)2004 L.Solomon
Global Warming Blues (c)2002 L.Solomon
Come Take My Hand(c)2002 L.Solomon
Jews In Country Music (c)2003 L.Solomon

"Maybe Today" (2007)

Sample Songs:
Let's Go To Mars (c)2006 L.Solomon
Maybe Today (c)2005 L.Solomon


In April 2015 we recorded this hour long radio show, RadioSessionLive. Click on "Listen Now."

If you're interested in seeing how we've evolved through the years,
we also have some vintage material.

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