Lenny Solomon Band
Not Life Threatening

The following songs are from our album titled Not Life Threatening, released in 2002. This 11 song CD has over an hour of music that can be purchased via the Web at www.cdbaby.com/solomonmusic, our preferred sales site. The album is also available on www.amazon.com or by calling (1-800-BUY-MY-CD) with any major credit or debit card. Individual songs can be purchased on over 15 digital recording distributors including MusicNet, NetMusic, MusicMatch, Apple iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, BuyMusic, Lindows, Music4Cents, Etherstream, RuleRadio, QTRnote, EMEPE3, CatchMusic, Viztas, and Sony Connect. It can also be had at any of our live shows. Two minute clips of all of the songs are available on the cdbaby site.

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If you'd care to let Lenny know what you think of these songs, please e-mail a message to: solomon@harvard.edu. Thank you.

(Album Art Design - Rob Stanhope)

Fishin' Copyright 2001 Lenny Solomon (4.7MB)

Lilac Night Copyright 1997,2001 Lenny Solomon (7.0MB)

Rode Rage Copyright 1998,1999 Lenny Solomon

Firefly Copyright 2001 Lenny Solomon

Just Can't Do It Copyright 2001 Lenny Solomon

Radio Days Copyright 2000 Lenny Solomon

Thoughts Of You Copyright 2001 Lenny Solomon

The Listener Copyright 1999 Lenny Solomon

Leaving Town Today Copyright 2001 Lenny Solomon

Your Flight Has Just Been Cancelled Copyright 2001 Lenny Solomon
Not Life Threatening Copyright 2001 Lenny Solomon


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