Lenny Solomon Solo Album
Armando's Pie

Lenny began work on this project in February 2003. This new release is a solo effort with overdubs on guitar, harmonies, and, on two songs, glockenspiel. A friend of ours, Bill Mason, plays lead guitar on the opening tune, Five More Minutes, and bass on Armando's Pie, Global Warming Blues, He's A Cowboy, The Vegan Song, and Gettysburg. Armando's Pie was released on July 4, 2004, hence all the fireworks. This 14 song CD can be purchased via the Web at www.cdbaby.com/solomonmusic2, our preferred sales site. The cdbaby site has two minute samples of all of the songs on the album. It can also be had at any of our live shows, as well as at Armando's Pizza located at 163 Huron Avenue in Cambridge. If you go to Armando's, tell him "Lenny sent ya."

If you'd care to let Lenny know what you think of these new songs, please e-mail a message to: solomon@harvard.edu. Thank you.

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(Album Art Design - Rob Stanhope; Photography - Rick Stimpfle)

Five More Minutes Copyright, 2004, Lenny Solomon (3.2MB)

Dead Man Smile Copyright 2003 Lenny Solomon

Armando's Pie Copyright 2004 Lenny Solomon

Margaret Copyright 2002 Lenny Solomon (3.7MB)

Global Warming Blues Copyright 2002 Lenny Solomon (3.4MB)

Drinkin' The Blues Copyright 2003, Lenny Solomon

He's a Cowboy Copyright 2003 Lenny Solomon

Here With Me Copyright 2002 Lenny Solomon

The Vegan Song Copyright 2002 Lenny Solomon

Come Take My Hand Copyright 2002 Lenny Solomon

Jews In Country Music Copyright 2003 Lenny Solomon

One More Night With You Copyright 2003, Lenny Solomon

Life At The Time Copyright 2002 Lenny Solomon

The following songs are out-takes and were not included on the album.

Peace Will Come Copyright, 2003, Lenny Solomon (2.3MB); In Process

1932 Copyright, 2002, Lenny Solomon (3.8MB);   
In Process


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